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Topical retinoids and pregnancy

Topical retinoids and pregnancy Posted by Farrukh G.

You have been contacted by a general practitioner about a healthy 23 year old woman who is about to start using topical retinoids for acne. The woman is occasionally sexually active but does not use any contraception. She has no other risk factors

A.    Reassure that topical retinoids are not terratogenic

B.    Offer progestogen-only pill, combined hormonal contraceptives or intra-uterine contraceptives

C.   Offer progestogen-only pill, progestogen-only injectables or intra-uterine contraceptives

D.   Offer progestogen-only pill or combined hormonal contraceptives

E.    Offer combined hormonal contraceptives, progestogen-only injectables or intra-uterine contraceptives                    

Posted by Farrukh G.

Correct answer = E