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answer pl.

answer pl. Posted by Mark D.
dear dr paul
this is que in the question bank in essays section. the answer is not loaded.

A 34 years old woman presents with painful vaginal bleeding and fetal bradycardia at 34 weeks gestation. The decision has been taken to perform an emergency caesarean section. Justify your management.

in such a question how are we supposed to write the answer..

the clinical features would have been like abruptio placentae .. the bishops would nt be favourable .. the FBS or delivery would not have been possible ...... n so on..... so this decision would have been this what the question wants from us?

or we are supposed to write the further management after after this decision? -- i will cross match , inform seniors, shift to ot, conti ctg monitering n steps in ot , difficulties in delivering baby... hemorrage ----etc

pl guide us sir.
thank you.
Posted by clarice M.
I don\'t know what the answer is, but are we allowed to discuss these questions in the forum and formulate our own answer/have a discusion about what we would write?
Posted by zakaria M.
I think as decission for c-section has been made manage beyond this step, including involvement of multidisciplanary team i.e. including neonatologist, to ex[plain outcomes, pre-op intra op and post op management.
Posted by Mark D.
dear dr paul,
i m waiting for your reply