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confused Posted by Mark D.
A Emergency caesarean section
B Ultrasound scan for placental site
C Induction of labour with prostaglandins
D Induction of labour by amniotomy
E Oxytocin augmentation of labour
F Fetal scalp blood sampling
G Vaginal operative delivery
H Maternal blood transfusion
I Transfer to high dependency unit
j Expectant management
K Arrange antenatal clinic follow-up L Treatment with tocolytics
M Umbilical artery Doppler N Perform Kleihauer test

Instructions: For each of the case histories described below, choose the single most appropriate management from the above list of options. Each option may be used once, more than once, or not at all.
Question 5 A 42 year old woman had an elective caesarean section at 37 weeks gestation for major placenta previa. She returned to theatre 6h later because of suspected intra-abdominal bleeding and has undergone a total abdominal hysterectomy Your answer: I

Correct answer: I

Question 6 A 35 year old Rhesus positive woman presented with fresh vaginal bleeding and intermittent abdominal pain at 30 weeks gestation. Maternal pulse on admission was 90bpm with BP 120/80. The fetal heart rate was normal. She has been in hospital for 48h and complains of a slight brown discharge but no other symptoms and has had no further bleeding. Your answer: B

Correct answer: K

Dear Dr Paul,
For que 6 placental site is not mentioned then why ANC clinic F/u? should we presume that since she is in hospital for 48 hrs it would have been done?


Question 10: With respect to IUCDs

a. The GyneFix IUCD is associated with a significantly lower expulsion rate compared to the Cu T 380
True False Mark\'s answer: false Correct answer: true

The guideline says ….

18. The risk of expulsion with intrauterine contraception is around 1 in 20 and is most common in the first year of use, particularly within 3 months of insertion (Grade B).
19. In general, there are no differences in the rates of expulsion between different Cu-IUDs and between Cu-IUDs and the LNG-IUS (Grade A).

whats the answer?
Posted by PAUL A.
I can see your point but there is no reason for waiting 48h before requesting an ultrasound scan.