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Forum >> Answering structured Essay Questions
Answering structured Essay Questions Posted by PAUL A.
Sat Feb 9, 2008 02:44 pm
There is an urgent need to improve the standard of answers. We are therefore posting this advice earlier than usual and hope to observe some improvements over the next 3 weeks.

1) The exam is competitive ? your answer will be marked relative to those of your peers. Stating that ?there is an increased risk of VTE? cannot earn you a mark if your peers state ?there is a 2-3 fold increase in the risk of VTE?. There are no half marks.

2) Write an answer plan for all parts of the question and stick to it. If you find you are repeating yourself of referring the examiner to an earlier part of your answer then you are doing something wrong

3) You do not have time / space for an ?introduction? ? answer the question straight away.

4) Read the question ? there are no mistakes, tricks, traps? in the questions. Bleeding from the UTERUS means the blood is coming from the uterus. Investigations mean INVESTIGATIONS ? if you present history or examination or treatment, you will waste your time / space and get no marks.

5) Answer the question. Not every question requires you to state what you will do / should be done. When asked to ?evaluate the treatment options?, you are expected to state: the most useful / valuable / effective option is ? because? If you begin with: I will ? or this option should be used first? then you are not answering the question.

6) Do not use trade names

7) Do not use slang / non-standard abbreviations ? words / phrases like ?synto, trickle of, shifted to theatre, quick VE, crash C/S?? have no place on the wards and certainly have no place in the exam. You simply irritate the examiner and give the impression you are not taking the exam seriously. Do not use ?etc.? It gives the impression you know what to write but cannot be bothered.

8) Do not write a list (unless specifically asked to LIST)

9) Write in complete sentences. You cannot expect to be awarded the MRCOG if you cannot communicate in English. Use short sentences addressing single issues.

10) Be consistent, especially when counselling. Do not quote one risk as a % and the other as a ratio. You cannot expect the patient to compare 1% to 1:50

11) You will be examined on ?core knowledge?. If you are writing about a technique / treatment that has just been published / is undertaken by your pioneering hospital but is not yet widely used / accepted, you will not get any marks.
dasd Posted by PAUL A.
Mon May 7, 2012 01:39 am