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Structured Essay Questions

Structured Essay Questions Posted by PAUL A.
New structured essay questions will be posted in the ESSAY FORUM from 01/07/09. Two questions will be posted per week and answers will be marked on a first-come-first-served basis and within 72h of posting.

We have completed a review of the structured essay paper and there have been some changes over the last 2 years:

(a) The trend to divide questions into 3-4 parts seems to have been reversed and most questions now have 2 parts with a minority having 3 parts. Questions with 4 parts are now uncommon.

(b) There seems to have been a shift from questions requiring the candidate to ‘evaluate’, ‘critically evaluate’, ‘justify’…. to questions asking the candidate to ‘describe’ or ‘discuss’. For the purposes of the exam, describe / discuss mean essentially the same thing and the candidate is required to write in detail. The ‘detail’ required is usually clear from the question.

The new essays we will be posting will reflect these changes. The question bank in this forum and in the rest of the website remains of great value and as the exam evolves, one cannot predict the proportion of questions that will reflect the new / old formats.
s Posted by PAUL A.