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all the best

all the best Posted by hetal R.
ALL THE BEST to all of us appearing for part1 / 2
i m giving part 1 depending solely on busy spr
can any of you giving part 2 ( already cleared part1), tell me whether this is enough?? if my basics are clear?!
i m working and cant afford more than a few hours a day till sept
please answer as i need some reassurance asap!!
Posted by Mohammad H.
All luck 4 u and I hope God will help u.As regard ur question is busyspr enough or not ?this depends on your performance in mock exams and on the knowldge u have .Anyway u still havetime 27 days *5 hours so u will have 135 hours try to rearrange yourself .
Posted by hetal R.
thanks for the reply
Posted by ratna N.
Try and read Tim Chard and Michael Swiet thoroughly.Revise your knowledge with busyspr notes, simultaneously doing mcqs on their site.Should be enough for you to be confident enough to pass