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MCQ queries.

MCQ queries. Posted by Dr.Geetakrishna T.
Dear Paul ,
Kindly help me answer the following MCQs.
1.Methods of value to distinguish the fetus with IUGR ffrom that of uncertain gestational age include
-- increasing ratio of head to abdominal circumference measured by USS.---- T/F.
2. An increased incidence of fetal malformations is assosiated with smoking 20 cigerettes or more a day --- T/F
3. A geneticist notes with concern that a striking similarity in appearence exists between his son and a male neighbour . The genecist would be reassured that he ,and not the neighbour is the true father of the child if,
-- the neighbour has cystic fibrosis -- T/F
--The neighbour and the son have a normal but unusual polymorphic variant of chroosome ---T/F.

4.A woman presents at 38n wks of gestation with RIF pain. The likely causes of pain include constipation.---T/F.
5. Factors favoring placental abruption includ Von Willibrands disease. --T/F.
5. In a woman with primary CMV infection in pregnancy
-- there is a 1% chance of the baby having serious longterm sequelae -- T/F.
6. Regarding peripartum cardiomyopathy cerebral embolisation is a major cause of morbidity. -- T/F .
7. Pregnant women with a known h/o epilepsy who do not require anticonvulsant therapy have an increased risk of fetal malformations.-- T/F
HRT for the postmenopausal women is associated with an increased incidence of coronary artery disease.-- T/F.
9. regarding the management of a pt. after initial treatment for CIN vault smears should be taken for 5 yrs after hysterectomy. -- T/F.
10. Ultrasound markers may be detected during a second trimester scan in 70% of fetuses with Downs syndrome --- T/F.
11. In immune hydrops if an affected fetus requires an I/ut transfusion the group O Rh neg blood should be crossmatched against the mothers serum. --T/F.
12. What is nonparametric statistical method ?