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overview of preparation

overview of preparation Posted by Aruna M.
I have registered myself recently and would like your very valuable advice on organised and comprehensive approach to the part 2 exam.
I sometimes find myself doing many topics superficially. rather than being systematic.
as far as materials are concerned, i have been doing the evidence based medicine, and essay books. kindly advice on the most appropriate method.
thanks in advance
Posted by Dr Santha D.
hi aruna
iam also new to the spr family. when are you taking your exams? can we be study partners?
Posted by Aruna M.
Dear Paul,
I have been doing the modules and then taking the tests and have been consistently scoring between 65-75% and I know that isnt enough.
as for my previous query, I am still awaiting your valuable advice.Thanks.
Dr.Shanta , thanks for the invitation.we could possibly contact over mail and my address is
Posted by Aruna M.
thanks for your advice. it was very helpful.
Posted by srividya B.
I am also new to spr family and appearing for march exam.My ID: