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Answer these questions

Answer these questions Posted by Shakira B.
1) How to reduce the morbidity & mortality of pretem delivery?As an obstetrician what measures can be taken to do this?
2) PPH is an important causae of morbitiy & mortality. How to reduce it?
3) MRSA infection , its implications in ANC & intrapartumcare & postpartumcare?
From Dr. Shakira Basheer
Posted by M M A.
Regarding first question:
Preterm birth is the majour cause of perinatal morbidity and mortality, it acurs in 10% of all deliveries, use of tocolytic agent are unreasonable because it will not improve PNM &M , however, they can be used if the patient dad a course of corticosteroid to be completed or for (in utero ) transfer of the fetus to a more specialised unit.
Corticosteroid can enhance lung maturity and reduse PNM&M.also they can be protective to the brai especially if there is intrauterine infection, corticosteroid can protect against PVL with little added risk of matermnal and fetal sepsis .
Antibiotics can be used also.
Finally improvement of neonatal care services will reduce also PNM&M.
(any additional factors please)