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MCQ 2 Posted by pammi G.
Dear Paul I would be grateful to you if you colud also hepl me with these difficult MCQ\'s

1. chorionic villus sampeling
is associated with a higher false positive rate than is amniocentesis = T

2. examination of the amniotic fluid allows a specific diagnosis of
retinoblastoma = F

3. congenital toxoplasmosis is associated with
hepatitis = F

4. an increased intake of folic acid is required when pregnancy is associated with
malaria = T

5. in a pregnant women over the age of 35, there is a recognised increase in the
incidence of pregnancy prolonged beyond 40 weeks of gestation = F

6. placental abruption
causes post partum haemorrhage only when hypofibirinogenaemia develops. = F

7. amniotic fluid embolism is characteristically associated with
prolonged labour = T

8. with regards to lower segment caesarean section
an associated general anaesthetic is the main cause of maternal death.= F

9. with regards to the management of breach presentation at term
cord prolapse occurs in 5% of cases with footling presentation = T

10. the following statements about breastfeeding are correct
the risk of transmission of HIV through breast milk is highest for babies whose mother sero-convert after delivery = T

11. hydrops foetalis ( not due to rh isoimmunization) is a recognised complication of:
fetal paroxysmal tachycardia = T

12. recognised causes of spontaneous miscarriage include
an intravenous urogram in early pregnancy = F

13. a non-sensitized rh ?ve women undergoes aspiration termination of pregnancy under general anaesthesia at 8 weeks of gestation and looses 650 mls of blood. The following statement is correct:
haemorrhage of this volume occurs in approximately 10% of terminations performed at this stage of gestation = F

14. the following statement regarding tubal pregnancy is true:
it accounts for a greater maternal mortality than caesarean section = F

15. recognised cause of vaginal discharge before menarche include:
clear cell Carcinoma of vagina = F

16. the 47 XXX karyotype:
is characteristically associated with short stature = F

17. klienfelter syndrome is characteristically associated with impotence = F

18. a 16 year old unmarried girl of Mediterranean origin is reffered with primary amenorrhoea. She is 145 cm tall and weighs 47 kg. she has what she regards as excessive growth of facial hair. Vaginal examination is not possible, as she is vergo intacta with a perforate hymen. Her karyotype is 46XX. In this patient:
an elevated plasma 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone concentration is consistent with a diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia = F

19. the serum concentration of prolactin is:
depressed by levodopa administration = F

20. concerning intrauterine insemination:
? in unexplained infertility, live birth rates of greater than 20% per treatment can be obtained = T
? it is an effective treatment for oligospermic infertility = T

21. ovarian stimulation in association with in vitro fertilization:
should be abandoned because of high risk of hyperstimulation if more than 5 mature follicles are detected.= T

22. concerning the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome:
the severe form affects 2-5%of in vitro fertilization procedures = T

23. the followint statement regarding HIV is correct:
prevalence rates world wide are doubling approximately every 6 months = F

24. in women with objectively measured heavy menstruation
endometrial hyperplasia can be excluded by ultrasound scanning = T

25. with regard to myomectomy:
in the event of more than 15 myomata needing to be removed the patient should undergo hysterectomy = T

26. a 30 year old married women had an IUCD fitted 5 years ago after the birth of her second child. She complains of continuous vaginal bleeding for 2 months and of recent lower abdominal discomfort. Her lower abdomen appears slightly distended and on vaginal examination the thread of IUCD is visible, the uterus is of normal size and there is pain on palpation in the pouch of Douglas. The following statement is true:
the patient should be admitted to the hospital for immediate laproscopy = T

27. a nulliparous 25 year old women presents with six months history of intermittent bilateral lower abdominal pain. She also complains of deep dyspareuna. Laproscopy shows widespread deposits of endometriosis involving the ovaries and pouch of Douglas and in the utero sacral ligaments. Appropriate treatment optiona include:
laprotomy and surgical excision of the endometriosis = F

28. the following statement regarding HRT is true:
90% of the women who take long term unopposed therapy develop endometrial hyperplasia = T

29. procedures of value in the investigations of pruritus vulvae include:
examination of the oral cavity = T

30. ovarian dysgerminomas
most commonly occur in the second and third decades of life = F

31. primary ovarian adenocarcinoma has a recognised association with:
primary breast cancer = F