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MCQ 1 Posted by pammi G.
Dear Paul thanks for checking my previous MCQ\'s. Could you please check few more MCQ queries.

1) There is recognised association between
Donor inemination in natural cycles: increased miscarriage rates = false

2) Rh ?ve women, with rh D antibodies, is now in 18th week of pregnancy. Last child had haemolytic disease and required exchange Transfusion. This preg is by different partner, whose rh genotype is cde/ CDE. Therefore
if an affected foetus requires intrauterine transfusion then group O rh ?ve blood should be crossmatched against mothers serum. = true

3) There is recognised association between Intra uterine death and
1. well controlled maternal diabetes = F
2. ext cephalic version = T
3. infection with toxoplasma gondii = F

4) Rubella infection and pregnancy:
1. maternal infection in 2nd trimester is followed by neonatal rubella syndrome in less than 1%. = T
2. rubella vaccination is associated with neonatal rubella syndrome = F

5) Parvovirus B19 infection is associated with polyarthropathy = T

6) Neonatal cytomegalovirus infection causes cataracts = T

7) Hydralizine hydrochloride is unsuitable drug for long term treatment of hypertension in pregnancy = F

8) External cephalic version of singleton breech presentation is more likely to be successful in black African than in caucasian women = T

9) If gestational age is more than 42 weeks
1. there is substantial fall in foetal Hb concentration = F
2. most common cause of perinatal death is trauma = F
3. there is a significant preponderance in females = F

10) The incidence of face presentation at term is increased by the use of epidural analgesia = F

11) Continuous lumber epidural analgesia:
1. the procedure should be abandoned if a spinal tap occurs during its administration = T
2. respiratory arrest is a recognised complication = T

12) In management of hypovolumic shock:
1. there is negligible risk of ARDS unless more than 5 litres of crystalloid has been transfused = F
2. the foot end of the bed should be raised to improve renal perfusion = F

13) Features of DIC include activation of factor VII = T

14) Recognised associations of major Pulmonary embolism include early change in chest x ray = T

15) Breast feeding and rooming
1. reduces the future incidence of NAI = T
2. encourages 4 hourly feeding regimens = F

16) Drugs unsuitable for administration in Breast feeding mothers include
1. senna = F
2. COC pills = T
3. pseudoephidrine = T

17) Premature ovarian failure does not occur when plasma oestradiol concentrations are normal = F

18) Combination of inappropriate lactation and secondary amenorrhoea has a recognised association with acromegaly = F

19) HIV
sexual transmission is reduced by the use of spermicides. = T

20) Herpes simplex type II infection is a contraindication to use IUCD = F

21) Following the insertion of IUCD a typical pregnancy rate during the first year is 4/100 women years = F

22) Most diaphragms are impregnated with nonoxyl-9 = T

23) Endometriosis is more common in women with mullerian duct abnormalities = F

24) GNRH analogues should be discontinued if ovarian hyperstimulation occurs = F

25) Correctly paired:
recurrent ulceration of labia minora: behcets disease = F

26) Cervical ectopy has histological features of an ulcer = F

27) 25 year old parous women, cervical smear showed moderate and then severe dyskariosis, had colposcopy which showed no abnormality. The following treatment are appropriate:
1. knife conization = T
2. repeat smear in 3 months = T
3. laser vaporization = F

28) In Stage IIb Ca cervix colposcopy is indicated before treatment = F

29) The following are recognised causes of a delay of more than 30 minutes in the recovery after general anaesthesia:
1. sever hypoxia during anaesthesia = T
2. perioperative blood transfusion of more than 3 units = F
3. concurrent use of hypotensive drugs = T

30) Cryosurgery is recognised as effective treatment of
CIN 3 = T