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EMQs in Sept 09

EMQs in Sept 09 Posted by G. K.
Does anyone want to discuss Emqs? I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following:
A 16 year old tall girl finding difficulty concentrating. She has gained weight but still hasn\'t had a period yet.
There were a million options like:

Pituitary adenoma
Kallman,s Syndrome
Turner\'s syndrome

Please feel free to add to the options. Please discuss any EMQs if remembered.
Posted by mohamad M.
What did you wrote as an answer to the following qs
1) treatment of ventricular tachy (i wrote 3 dc shocks)
2) a woman came to the hospital 4 days pp telling the baby is not mine
3) statistics qs study relation iugr &subfertility
4)statistics qs study relation pet and thrombocytopenia
5 ) ectopic stem
pale stable woman with fluid in dp and +ve preg test
small 2 cm ectopic +ve cardiac pulsation
6 ) consent stem
woman refuse cs husband insist she must do ? i wrote ask a lawyer

I wrote hypothyroidism because they said wt gain and lack of concentration

please post your point of view
Posted by Anjali  K.
16 years with difficulty in concentration weight gain

I thought hypothyroidism dont know if its true
Posted by G. K.
treatment of shock 1 dc shock followed by CPR. The Mx has recently changed.
Ectopic stem: i wrote one as methotrexate 50mg/m
2nd part: laparoscopy and salpingotomy since she wanted minimally invasive treatment.

Consent stem: husband insisting on c/sec. I said can\'t proceed because consent requirement s are not met
Posted by Bindi J.
hi, I am happy to discuss the EMQS if you still want to.