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mcqs Posted by pammi G.
Please check following mcqs

1,phenytoin is rapidly absorbed from intestinal tract -T
2,Maternal adminstration of steroids is contraindicated i n case of prolonged ROM, in case of preterm labour. -F
3, Women with h/o subfertility have increased risk of preterm labour -T
4,SeverePIH is characteristically associated with
abnormal high concenteration of cortisol -f
hypernatremia -f
5,complications arising during administraation of ritrodine are more likely when there is rupture of memb. -T
6,Nuchal translucency is the marker of neural tube defects -F
7,there is significant association between fetal and placental wt -F
8,the following statement relating to toxoplasmosis and pregnancy are correct
if ,antibodies are present before conception fetus will be unaffected F
Amothers known to have acquired toxoplasmosis during 1st trimester ,spontaneous abortion rate is above 20% --F
9,Maternal respiratory alkalosis is associated with reduction in uterine bld flow F
Maternal pulmonary hypertension is charateristically associated with reduction in uteroplacental circulation. T
10,increased risk of fetal malformation is associated with polio vaccine administered in early preg F
11,A Previously normotensive primi has bp of 150/100mmhg and 4gms of protinuria per 24 hours , following findings will be consistent with above
loss of diurnal variation in bp F
Creatinine clearance of 120-150ml/min f
12, congenital infection with rubella in the noenate includes intra cranial calcification --T
13, With breech presentation
risk of significant congenital abnormality at 30 wks of gestation is less than 5 %---F