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MRCOG II Past Questions Skype tutorials

MRCOG II Past Questions Skype tutorials Posted by Farrukh G.

Sessions are planned over 12 weeks, with some weeks having 2 sessions as below. There will only be ONE tutorial group and sessions will not be repeated.


Week begining 15/06 - Antenatal care


Week begining 22/06 - Infertility & Endocrinology


Week begining 29/06 - Surgical practice; Early pregnancy


Week begining 06/07 - Contraception / STIs


Week begining 13/07 - Infections in pregnancy / PT labour


Week begining 20/07 - Management of labour / Emergencies


Week begining 27/07 - NO SESSION

Week begining 03/08 - NO SESSION


Week begining 10/08 - Urogynaecology; Statistics


Week begining 17/08 - Menstrual disorders / menopause / developmental gyn


Week begining 24/08 - Oncology I & II


Week begining 31/08 - Medical disorders 1


Week begining 07/09 - Medical disorders 2


Week begining 14/09 - Medical education / Clin gov / ethics; PNC & Neonatology


To participate, please send us your Skype ID, date of busyspr subscription and registered email address.


Posted by Mei  A.
I am interested pls in your Skype sessions. My Skype ID Mei Abdelkareem, email Thanks
Registration for skype sessions Posted by Olabode O.
Pls kindly book me in for the skype sessions Skype ID - Olabode Ogunbanjo Email- Date of subscription - Sorry can't remember exact date ( I did 6 months subscription to end 4/8/20 .
Posted by Viktor C.

At what time will the sessions take place please?



Posted by saima Y.

my skype id is SY

date of subscription 10-06-2020

Posted by Farrukh G.

At what time will the sessions take place please?




From 19:00 UK time. 15/06/2020.

Posted by Kevin  C.

My skype name is live:collierkevin

Date of subscription 15/3/20 

email is

Posted by razan S.

my skype name is Razan Abu Khaizaran

date of subsciption is 22/3/2020 


Posted by Ayo O.

my skype name is ayooluwa.olateju. 

Date of subscription is 15/6/20




Posted by saima Y.

has skype tutorial started?


Posted by saima Y.

saimayounas skype id


Posted by Tarang Preet K.

Hi i want to attend this skype tutorial

Registered ID:

Skype name: Tarang Preet

Skype Phone number: +919971779382

Posted by Tarang Preet K.

Date of skype subscription: 01-04-2020

Posted by Doaa K.
I am interested in today Skype revision Email Skype ID live:.cid.c98ea87d95fd484d Subscription on 27l6/2020
Posted by Stephanie Chianda C.

Kindly add me to the tutorial.

skype ID Stephanie.Chianda 

Many thanks.

Posted by Naila F.

joining date 2 of July 2020

skype name nailafaruki

kindly add me to the tutorial


Please add me for skype discussion. Posted by nav R.

Hi please add me.

skype id:

date of subscription : 2020-07-05 

registered email : 


Skype tutorials Posted by sachin B.
Hello kindly add me for Skype sessions please. My Skype I’d is Sachin.bhosale1981
skype tutorials/ discussion Posted by CHRISTIAN N.

kindly add me for skype discussions

skype id: live:.cid.38c7e200ecf538ba

email :

skype sessions Posted by mohamed O.

I am intersted in the skype sessions \skype name: live:uptempo007


Date subscription 15/07/20

Posted by Shahida P.
Add me for Skype discussion Skype ID is shahida wahla Email is Subscription ends on 20/09/20
Posted by Renu  G.

Skype ID-Renu Garg


Date of subscription--16-12-20