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MRCOG 2 results July 2019: High pass marks for our members: 76% (never worked in UK), 74%, 71%. Exam pass mark: 61%. We have 2200 SBA, 1500 EMQs; 1200 based on 2015 - 2019 recalls. Fees: £49 =1 month, £59 =2 months, £69 = 3 months, £79 =4 months, £99 =5 months, £109 =6 months, £129 =9 months £149 =12 months.

(1) Register. (2) Log-in  (3) Click 'Join this Course' to get 1 day FREE TRIAL. MRCOG 2 Past Questions Tutorial:  GROUP 1 - Tue 15/10/19 from 19:00 UK time. INFERTILITY. GROUP 2 - TBC - ONCOLOGY 1. See DISCUSSIONS link below for details.



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Forum >> MRCOG II July 2019 results & feedback
MRCOG II July 2019 results & feedback Posted by Farrukh G.
Thu Aug 8, 2019 08:59 am

Congratulations to those who were successful in the MRCOG II July 2019 exams. We have some fantastic feedback for our past questions tutorials - redacted text below. Given the volume of material at our disposal (2015 - July 2019), we will now start tutorials in early Sept to include 3 EMQ technique sessions (one at the begining, mid-way and at the end). Tutorials will end 2 weeks before the exam.

Comments from July 2019 candidates:

1) Dear Paul I got my part 2 results today I passed 1st attempt with a score of 71%.

I would like to express my sincere thanks for all you did to make Mrcog  part2 such a wonderful experience.
I am so grateful for all your great efforts.
Honestly I would not be able to pass this exam without your great course 
Thanks so much 
2) I passed  part 2.
Thanks a lot dear Dr Paul for your Skype sessions. The discussions were so helpful.
May God bless you!
3) Hi dr paul
I cleared part 2 with 76 percent..thx for your time
More feedback Posted by Farrukh G.
Thu Aug 8, 2019 01:53 pm
Add me please for the next tutorial

Add me please for the next tutorial

Cleared part 2 first attempt with 74 percent. Thanks a lot. Busyspr questions were very helpful.