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MRCOG 2 results July 2019: High pass marks for our members: 76% (never worked in UK), 74%, 71%. Exam pass mark: 61%. We have 2200 SBA, 1500 EMQs; 1200 based on 2015 - 2019 recalls. Fees: £49 =1 month, £59 =2 months, £69 = 3 months, £79 =4 months, £99 =5 months, £109 =6 months, £129 =9 months £149 =12 months.

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Forum >> MRCOG II Past questions tutorials. Ground rules
MRCOG II Past questions tutorials. Ground rules Posted by Farrukh G.
Thu Mar 28, 2019 02:34 am
  • First tutorial will be on 08/04/2019.
  • Topic: Statistics, Epidemiology, Neonatology.


Ground rules

1) Tutorials will be by Skype only

2) Tutorials are free to all MRCOG II subscribers. Please send your registered email address and date of subscription to paul at

3) Please do not use video as it delays communication

4) Please do not record the sessions

5) Please notify us of your intention to attend a tutorial at least 24h before the start time otherwise you will not be connected

6) Generally, tutorials will be on Mondays from 19:00 UK time but this is subject to change and date and time will be finalised at least 48h before 

7) Tutorials will hast for 60-70 minutes. Given the volume of material we have, we may occasionally extend beyond 70 minutes


If you have any questions please contact us paul at

Posted by Nandini  B.
Sun Apr 21, 2019 08:05 pm

Sir bplease put me to skype if you have skype on monday at 19 time on 22nd april