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Passing MRCOG 2

Passing MRCOG 2 Posted by Farrukh G.

Passing the MRCOG PART II Exam (Updated from April 2018 post)


We now have extensive information on the MRCOG 2 from recall questions over 2016 - Jan 2019. As a result, our course has been extensively updated. We will continue to update notes / questions as guidelines change. However, we will only add questions based on exam recalls. In particular, we will focus on EMQs as these are a better test of knowledge.



Some facts:

1)     The MRCOG II exam is a competition. You have to perform in the top 30% to be sure of passing

2)     It is almost impossible to cover the depth and breadth of the syllabus with less than 1,500 EMQ / SBA questions

3)     When you pass MRCOG II, your level of general knowledge would be at its peak. Exam preparation should enable you acquire enough general O&G knowledge to last through your career.


Preparing for the exam


9 – 12 months before the exam

  • Find out what the exam is about -  A 2 days FREE trial and some mock SBA exams would suffice. You will also get an idea of your starting knowledge. 50% or less = Poor (remember you can reduce most SBA questions to 2 possible options). 51-60% = adequate; 61-65% = good, 66-70% = excellent; >70% = fantastic and you may only need 3 months preparation. If you score 85% or over you should sit the exam with absolute confidence


Identify your preparation material:

  • NICE / RCOG / FSRH guidelines
  • TOG review articles – remember these are not guidelines and sometimes contradict national guidelines
  • STRATOG Modules
  • BusySpR or other substantial question bank
  • Text books – one for Obs and one for Gynae: These will be your reference books for your career. I use High Risk Pregnancy for Obs. Remember – ALL text books are out of date.



6 – 9 months before the exam

  • Your focus begins to shift from learning to passing the exam. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Map the entire curriculum
  • Rate topics on a scale of 1 – 10 where 1 = very weak, 10 = very strong
  • Confirm your ratings by taking SBA and EMQ tests in the relevant modules


6 months before the exam

  • Write a study plan for the next 3 months – aim should be to maintain your strengths and improve your weaknesses
  • You will have good / bad days / weeks. Exceed your targets on a good day because you will fall short on bad days
  • READ – TEST – READ - TEACH and save your scores to gauge progress. The BusySpR website has extensive notes and we typically compress most texts by 75% or more
  • The BusySpR notes now indicate areas that we know have been tested in 2016 - Jan 2019. Copy these sections and paste in a separate document for your final revision.
  • Have a book / document in which you enter all new learning. You need to go through this new data several times to move it into your long-term memory. Otherwise it would evaporate and you will make little progress. Learn at least one new fact relevant to the exam every day!  
  • TEACH – this is a fantastic way to learn. You feel good when you remember something new and transfer knowledge. When you cannot remember publicly, the pain / embarrassment facilitates subsequent learning


3 months before the exam

  • Take stock – what went well with the 6 months plan? What did not go well and why?
  • If you did not have a 6 months plan then time to write a 3 months plan. You will have to work twice as hard.
  • Dedicate 2 weeks to rectify any issues from the 6 months plan – areas not covered / areas of persistent weakness
  • Then REVISION mode – this means you will not be reading any new books / papers … – just consolidating. Continue to collect and revise newly learnt material
  • Participate in MRCOG II Past questions Skype tutorials. 1 hour per week for 10-12 weeks and aim is to gain an extra 10-12 marks. These are free to subscribers
  • We also offer 1:1 exam coaching: 8 x 30 mins sessions for £195


1 month to the exam

  • Take stock
  • Dedicate 1 week to rectify issues from 3 months plan
  • QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS – particularly PAST QUESTIONS as repeat rate is high!


1 week to exam

  • Read saved notes for areas tested in recent MRCOG II exams
  • Read your collection of newly learnt material
  • Identify areas that evaporate quickly and that you are going to read the day before the exam


Exam day

  • This is a competition – not just an exam
  • You need a positive mental attitude and a confidence that can only come from 6 – 9 months of hard work