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20-20-20 Revision

20-20-20 Revision Posted by PAUL A.

From 01/11/15, we will start posting new SBA / EMQ questions in the forum. The timetable will be posted on 26/10/2015. If there are any specific topics you wish to see covered then let us know by 26/10. There will be up to 20 SBA / EMQ questions per week and answers will be posted at the end of the week. We will seek to cover recent guidelines / high impact papers in addition to core knowledge.

Posted by PAUL A.

Week 1: 01/11 – Urogynaecology


Week 2: Antenatal care


Week 3: Oncology


Week 4: Hypertensive disease in pregnancy


Week 5: Surgical practice


Week 6: Menstrual disorders / pelvic pain


Week 7: Pre-term labour / PPROM


Week 8: Infertility


Week 9: Clinical governance / audit / medical education


Week 10: Management of labour


Week 11: Menopause / PMB


Week 12: Post-natal care


Week 13: Early pregnancy complications


Week 14: Family planning / contraception / PID


We will seek to set new questions / address areas where new information has recently been published. We will not seek to re-post any of the 1800+ SBAs or 800+ EMQs already available in the modules.