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My Pregnancy Capl app

My Pregnancy Capl app Posted by PAUL A.

A 29 year old woman attends ANC today (03/04/2015) and dating scan shows that she is 12+2 weeks pregnant. She has 1 previous pregnancy that was delivered by caesarean section on 27/07/2014. Can you calculate her pregnancy interval? Post answer if you can work it out mentally or with pen & paper in less than 5 minutes.

My Pregnancy Capl app is now available on google play store. The app will use data entered by the woman / clinician to canculate the risk of pregnancy problems (PET, SGA, GDM, PPH, VTE, alcohol use, mental health problems) and generate a week-by-week care plan based on UK guidelines. Pregnancy interval, BMI... are all automatically calculated and used in the app's intelligent algorithms. There is detailed information with all the figures you / the woman needs to know.

We believe this will be excellent for learning on-the-go, as a decision support tool but particularly as a resource for women world-wide.

iOS version coming soon


Capl = CAre PLan

Pregnancy interval Posted by Jandy F.
3/4/15 she is 12+2wks & she had c/s on 27/7 14. The pregnancy interval is 6 months and hence complications of pre- term labour and FGR are higher along with maternal complication due to short span of recovery
Posted by AMBREEN G.

5 month 8 days