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Placenta previa EMQ Query

Placenta previa EMQ Query Posted by samara R.
Options for Questions 26-26
A Admit until delivery B Repeat placental site scan in 2 weeks
C Weekly day assessment unit assessment D Four weekly placental site scans
E Discharge if no bleeding after 48h F Discharge if no bleeding after 7 days
G Repeat placental site scan at 32 weeks gestation H Venous access and cross match 6 units
I Deliver by caesarean section at 39 weeks J Deliver by caesarean section at 36-38 weeks
K Two weekly fetal growth scans L Explain potential need for blood transfusion

Instructions:For each of the case histories described below, choose the single most appropriate management from the above list of options. Each option may be used once, more than once, or not at all.
Question 26 An asymptomatic 18 year old primigravida is known to have a placenta that covers the internal os on ultrasound scan at 32 weeks gestation. Her pregnancy has been uncomplicated and she attends the antenatal clinic for a routine visit at 34 weeks gestation.  

ans  A  ADMIT UNTILL DELIVERY , as per new placenta previa GTG , there is no recommendation for admission for Major previa , delivery from 34 wks untill delivery , it is individualised , please explain why A is most appropriate answer here as patient is not bleeding and also no haemodynamic instability is mentioned , thanks

Posted by Attia R.
This lady has major previa.RCOG recommends admission in 3 rd trimester for any one with major previa.