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MCQ Posted by ghada S.

Dear Paul                                                                                                                                                          could you please clarify this MCQ                                                                                                             

Question: The following will be classified as a suspicious CTG

Base-line heart rate of 165 beats / minute with variability > 5 beats / minute and typical variable decelerations occurring with over 50% of contractions for 45 minutes


Correct answer: False

Baseline heart rate of 180 beats / minute with variability of 3 beats / minute for 30 minutes


Correct answer: False


The first one shows heart rate of 165 which is non- reassuring. The typical variable decelerations are only for 45 minutes & not > 90 minutes, so it is suspicious. Why the correct answer is false??

The second one shows heart beat 180 which is non-reassuring. The reduced variability for only 30 minutes& not for 40-90 as states by NICE, so it is suspicious & the correct answer is false.

Posted by Farrukh G.

Here is the definition of a suspicious CTG:

A CTG with one feature classified as non-reassuring and the remaining features classified as reassuring


Here are reassuring features:

Base-line 110-160, variability >/= 5 bpm, decelerations = none, accelerations may be present.


So look at the scenarios above and decide whether there is only one non-reassuring feature and all other features are reassuring. If not, the CTG is not suspicious and it is certainly not normal.