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emq query

emq query Posted by Shradha G.

ptions for Questions 2-2

A Counsel and offer evacuation of retained products of conception B Counsel and offer support group
C Counsel and offer laparoscopy & salpingectomy D Counsel and offer investigation for recurrent miscarriage
E Counsel and offer treatment with methotrexate F Counsel and offer laparotomy & salpingectomy
G Counsel and offer termination of pregnancy H Perform salpingectomy
I Proceed to laparotomy J Serial HCG assay
K Counsel and refer to early pregnancy assessment unit L Repeat trans-vaginal scan 7 days later

Instrunctions:For each patient described below choose the single most appropriate initial management option from the list. Each option may be used once, more than once, or not at all.
Question 2 A 25 year old woman has a transvaginal scan following IVF treatment during which 2 embryos were replaced and is found to have a 6 week singleton intra-uterine pregnancy with no fetal heart activity.  

Why its ans is A and not L.We should repeat scan if no FHR at 6 week.