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thromboprophylaxis Posted by A 4.


Question:A 35 year old woman has just had a normal vaginal delivery
Thromboprophylaxis with LMW heparin is recommended for 3-5 days if she has a previous DVT but no thrombophilia
   True    False Your answer: False Correct answer: False
If she is heterozygous for Factor V Leiden but has no previous VTE, LMW heparin is not recommended
   True    False Your answer: False Correct answer: False
If she has a BMI of 40kg/m2, LMW heparin should be considered for 3-5 days
   True    False Your answer: False Correct answer: True
LMW heparin may safely be administered before the epidural catheter is removed
   True    False Your answer: True Correct answer: True

Dear Paul,

Can you please clarify why a postnatal woman with a BMI of 40 should only receive thromboprophylaxis for 3-5 days? I thought the RCOG guideline states that they need to receive it for 7 days.

Thank you

Posted by A K.
Agree.. 7 days..
Posted by Farrukh G.

Sorry for delay - yes, should be 7 days and we have updated the question. In the exam, however, you may give the question a second read as guidelines say BMI > 40 and the question says BMI = 40