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Query Posted by A K.
10 random questions for EMQ Test Options for Questions 1-1 A Quadruple test B Integrated test C Nuchal transluscency D Serum integrated test E Triple test F Anomaly scan G Fluorescent in-situ hybridisation H Amniocentesis I Chorionic villus sampling J PCR K No investigation L Fetal blood sampling Instrunctions:For each of the case histories described below, choose the single most important investigation from the above list of options. Each option may be used once, more than once, or not at all. Explanation Question 1 A 20 year old woman at 10 weeks gestation would like to know whether or not her baby has Down?s syndrome The question asks baby has or not...that means disease present/no...cvs will give karyotype while integrated test will give risk only..pls explain Thanks
Posted by PAUL A.

You would prefer to counsel this woman about CVS (not amniocentesis) based on a 1-2% increase in risk of miscarriage and maternal age-related risk of Down's syndrome. If you manage 100 women in this way you lose 1-2 pregnancies and will probably not identify a single fetus with Down's. Every pregnant woman who undergoes a screening test for aneuploidy would rather have a yes/no answer. The issue is that for the majority, the price is not worth paying. The offer of a screening test followed by a diagnostic test allows the maximum number of affected fetuses to be identified for the minimum loss of life.

Posted by A K.