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EMQ ans query

EMQ ans query Posted by Seema  S.

A 30 year old woman complains of severe lower abdominal pain 3 days after hysterectomy. The urethral catheter had been removed 12h earlier and she has voided spontaneously on 2 occasions (total volume 75ml). Clinical examination shows a 14 week size tender supra-pubic mass.

My ans is urinary retension with overflow & ur ans is urinary retension

Sir , can u please clarify.

arn Posted by anuradha N.

as there is no overflow,urine is retained to give tender suprapubic mass.If it was a distended blader with urine leakage it is urinary retension with overflow

GDM diagnostic criteria Posted by Chetna K.


Dear Dr.Paul,

Shall we use the new diagnostic criteria for GDM as proposed by IADPSG or stick to NICE guidelines? Pls suggest.


New guideline Posted by S M.

New guideline on sickle cell disease has come out. Do we need to read that?

Guidelines Posted by Farrukh G.

Although the questions were set a while ago, the marking scheme will be based on the information available at the time of the exam. However, it is unlikely that you will be marked on information published the day before the exam. All you can do is read all information that is available and answer questions based on the most current information.