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placenta previa

placenta previa Posted by alwayn L.
Options for Questions 1-2 A Emergency caesarean section B Ultrasound scan for placental site C Induction of labour with prostaglandins D Induction of labour by amniotomy E Oxytocin augmentation of labour F Fetal scalp blood sampling G Vaginal operative delivery H Maternal blood transfusion I Transfer to high dependency unit J Expectant management K Arrange antenatal clinic follow-up L Treatment with tocolytics M Umbilical artery Doppler N Perform Kleihauer test Instrunctions:For each of the case histories described below, choose the single most appropriate management from the above list of options. Each option may be used once, more than once, or not at all. Explanation Question 1 A 25 year old woman with major placenta previa presents at 32 weeks gestation with fresh vaginal bleeding. Her pulse is 70bpm and BP 120/80. The fetal heart rate is normal. K(Correct answer: J) Question 2 A 34 year old woman is brought in by ambulance because of severe constant abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding at 35 weeks gestation. On admission, her pulse is 120bpm, BP 80/40 and she is unresponsive. The fetal heart is 80bpm H(Correct answer: H) I am not sure why this answer of expectant management for someone with placenta previa major can you explain