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EMQ for infertility.

EMQ for infertility. Posted by Jamil Ahmad A.

Dear paul,

Ques--A 24 year old woman with her 35 year old partner has been referred to the infertility clinic because of 2 years of primary infertility. The woman has an irregular menstrual cycle every 2-4 months and her partner?s semen analysis is normal. The woman?s BMI is 26 and there is no significant past medical history. Investigations have confirmed a diagnosis of polycystic ovary. The couple have not achieved a pregnancy despite a 6 months course of clomephene citrate with evidence of ovulation based on day 21 progesterone concentration and ultrasound scanning. 

Answer according to course is-- laproscopy and dye.

But how can we give clomid without checking tubal patency? Please explain

Tubal patency Posted by PAUL A.

You do not have to check tubal patency before treating anovulation.

site please???? Posted by zahraa M.

Dear Paul,

 i am sorry to say that  this site is not user friendly at all.The previous one was a million times better .Can we please go back to that ???? we are wasting a lot of our valuable time  as too much cofusion is there.