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pg with free head

pg with free head Posted by saima S.
a young primigravida with control pih , @38wks ,normal pelvimetry normal baby with averge 3kg wt but head 5/5 palpable how u will manage. n if at tem still head in same what will be mode of delivery
Posted by Dr.MRCOG 2.
mode of delivery will be vaginal
caesarean section is researved for obstetric indications
induction of labour should be offered at term since she is controlled case of PIH
induction should be done in the labour room as the head is unengaged
once the cervix is favourable oxytocin should be started
ARM should be avoided in a high floating head, if done should be in a double set up with immediate recourse to LSCS should cord prolapse occurs
with good uterine contraction head may flex and descent
continous electronic monitoring should be there
watch for cord prolapse if there is spontaneous rupture of membrane
irrespective good uterine contraction, head is not descended and there is poor progress of labour emergency caesarean should be considered
high floating head at term in a primi should suggest CPD, however all pelvises are considered adequate until proved otherwise
Posted by Aafia A.
Dear Samia,
i am also from pakistan.r u interested in combined study?
Posted by Mu D.
IOL, if failed CS.. all after counselling