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Emq clarification on Thromboembolism/ PE

Emq clarification on Thromboembolism/ PE Posted by Maayka ..
A Amniotic fluid embolism B Placental abruption
C Cardiomyopathy D Placenta praevia
E Chest infection F Pulmonary embolism
G CVA H Pulmonary hypertension
I Endocarditis J Sepsis
K Haemorrhage L Substance misuse
M HELLP syndrome N Thromboembolism
O Myocardial infarcation

Question 18 A 32 year old woman with severe pre-eclampsia has had an emergency caesarean section at 32 weeks gestation because of IUGR. She became hypotensive and tachycardic and was returned to theatre where 2l of blood was evacuated from the abdomen and hysterectomy was performed. Three days later, she developed sudden onset severe chest pain and breathlessness and dies despite resuscitation

My answer was F but the correct answer was N.
The explanation given though is – sudden onset chest pain following major surgery in pregnancy = PE until proven otherwise.

The explanation should imply the answer is F , not so? Please clarify.
Posted by Maayka ..
any viewers thought the same? does anyone wish to offer an explanation?
Posted by Maayka ..
thank you dr.paul for clarification