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March 2009 exam

March 2009 exam Posted by Priti T.
Dear Dr Paul,
A good guidance from u ,i thnk for the exam.essay questions like Renal transplant in pregnancy and advantages and dis advantages of long acting reversible[LARC] from your posted questions.Menorrhagia and pre eclampsia from the last posted questions.Only thing is the questions were twisted.Then in EMQS and MCQS quite a number of questions from Planned vaginal delivery,Thrombophilias,ectopic pregnancy management etc.Will somebody post the questions?Dr Paul will u discuss them alittle if not in details?Thanks
Posted by H H.
I think you are too optimistic. Most of the SQEs came in two items A AND B so no more options ,so less marks, also many MCQs were vague. Need Paul opinion
Posted by A S.
The exam was very basic in basic subjects but needs perfect time and space mamagement as the information needed is too much . I panicked in the alloimmunization qs and i couldn t deal with it logically . any one knows you should pass every qs or thepass is for the total of the paper ?emqs buzziling about ectopic and post operative complication
Posted by Mark D.
i agree with dr priti. busy spr has been of great help in this exam. 60% emqs were almost similar to the ones we have solved. the MCQs were quite different. in fact not much MCqs from past papers also this time.
as far as the eassays are concerned, the topics like renal transplant, and preeclampsia were done here. LARC was same questions dr paul gave us. the other questions were-

1 preeclampsia. initial clinical assesment ,drug therapy in preeclampsia.

2 post renal transplant 1 yr ,planning pregancy. what factors will improve outcome of subsequent pregnancy. antenatal management.

3 RH isoimmunisation

4 intrumental delivery


1 Hmole. management of persistent mole.


3 HMB and dysmenorea can be treated medically. when will u consider specialist referal.
treatment options and their success rates.


cant remember .


anyways, dr paul definitely deserves a big thanks from all of us. how we perform at that moment is a different isssue.

keep ur fingers crossed.
hope for the best.


pl let us know how to utilise this time till results in preparation of osce.


You should have a well-earned rest and wait till the results are out. After such intense work, a break is essential
Posted by A S.
fourth saq was primary amenorrhea , all hormonal assays normal , 2 ry sexual ch are normal , with cyclic pain / important points in the history , diff diagnosis , treatment

Thank you Dr Paul
Posted by Amr G.
For Q 1 SAQ Gynaecological paper March 2009,
16 year old with primary amenorrhea, normal 2ry sexual characters and BMI, hormonal profile FSH, LH, Thyroid, prolactin and testerone is normal with cyclic abdominal pain:
In my view:
first part of the question which include justify clinical evaluation, history and examination was:
1) Reassurance while counselling from anxiety. (may be physiological she is just 16).
2) Family history of mother and sisters if present.
3)Sexual activity and use of contraception if present.
4) General examination and recheck 2ry sexual characters and hair distribution.
5) Abdominal examination (exclude pelvi-abdominal mass)
6)Examination of Ext genitalia: labial fusion, bulging of hymen, vaginal aplasia and or signs of virilisation.

Second part DD:
2)Cryptomenorrhea (Labial fusion, imperforate hymen, Complete transverse septum, vaginal aplasia)
3)Late onset congenital hyperplasia ??? (17 hydroxyprogeterone).

3rd part:
Explanation of the condition according to the findings and investigations with written information explaining diagnosis and management plan.
Informed consent and explain to her that she has the right to include relatives or parents in discussion.

My answer was circling around these points it will be helpful Mr Paul to give me your feed back

Posted by Ron C.
I see all your points... Funny enough I scored well, but got bunked on what seemed the simple ones; LARC, instrumental... I agree that the 2 resp 3 parts had considerable overlap, where to place what answer was tricky... Part of it is in the end being a bit lucky as well ??